Projects – Plan of Operation

The vision that management has set forth is to develop Spartan Gold Ltd. into a world class U.S. based gold exploration company, through the acquisition and augmentation of the world class gold concessions and prospective land holdings previously disclosed under the Mexivada option agreements. Located in the world renown Carlin-Rain and Round Mountain-Northumberland Gold Trends in Northeast Nevada, the Company has secured contractual options for the ownership of exploration and mineral rights in two distinct regional concessions: The Poker Flats and Ziggurat Gold Properties.  Both of which are located in close proximity to pre-existing mining operations, owned and operated by some of the industries most prolific Companies.  Due to the active and successful mining operations in this region, an excellent infrastructure is in place, from both the standpoints of mining and transportation.

Both above-mentioned Gold properties, Ziggurat and Poker Flats, will require comprehensive geological and geochemical mapping and analysis, in conjunction with geophysical mapping involving gravity and magnetic survey work.  This work shall be conducted in order to better define future drill locations and exploration targets throughout the properties.

Management has defined its initial strategy, by advancing each of these projects to the drilling stage as aggressively as possible.  The Company is currently engaged in financing activities, which should allow it to determine the presence of gold concentrations throughout the concession at varying depths.   An updated NI 43-101 technical report will be produced for Ziggurat and Poker Flats once the geological work, including subsequent interpretation of results, has been completed.

If the Company successfully implements its business plan, management believes that the Company may attract the attention of the existing multi-billion dollar mining companies already operating in the area and potentially enter into Joint Venture Partnerships or become an acquisition target.

Additionally, we are currently evaluating other opportunities in which the Company could potentially acquire working interests.

Best Regards,

William H. Whitmore Jr.

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